Lubromation is one of the few places that people can find conversion kits and assemblies for Kluber grease pails. Our retro fit kits are designed to fit the 25 to 30 kg pails with no issues.



This is a custom made drum cover for Kluber 25-30 kg plastic pail, fits pails with 348mm outside pail diameter at top of pail, 407 mm tall. The cover is fabricated to bolt on fit Lincoln 20 series pumps.



Follower plate for Kluber 25-30 kg plastic pail with outer diameter of 348mm at top of the pail. This follower has an outer diameter of 335 mm and the center hole is sized to fit Lincoln 20 series pump tubes.



Manual grease gun filler pump for Kluber plastic pails with a outer diameter of 348mm at the top of the pail. Filler pump for fast, positive refilling of Lincoln grease guns from a Kluber container. Handles medium and light lubricants in any weather. Includes pump, filler socket, follower plate and drum cover. The pump tube is 370mm long.




Pump, cover, and follower for Kluber plastic 25-30 Kg pails with outer diameter of 348mm at top of pail. Lincoln 50:1 ratio grease pump. Nitride steel plunger and bushing resists abrasion and prolongs pump life.Includes Model 815 air coupler.  Follower plate is 335mm in outer diameter, the drumcover is 355mm inside diameter of the cover. This unit is the pump, cover and follower only.



Lincoln Heavy Duty 50:1 ratio grease pump. Includes Lincoln Model 815 air coupler. Fits Kluber or other standard metric dimension 25 or 30KG drums. Follower has a diameter of 335mm, drum cover is 355mm inside diameter, fits Lincoln 20 series grease pump supplied. 8 foot long 1/4″ ID hose. 5000 PSI Working pressure. High pressure swivel. Lincoln model 740 High Pressure handle.